JRC Social Action

L'Shana Tovah! Please join us as we engage in righteous action during the 10 Days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur--and beyond! Subscribe below and click the "10 Days 10 Ways" box to get a daily message during the 10 days of awe. These short messages are designed to offer resources to help us reflect thoughtfully and honestly on transgressions and harms we have caused in the past year, both knowingly and unknowingly and reach towards growth and transformation in the coming year.

Never Miss a Mitzvah! Subscribe to Judea Reform's Social Action eNews. You'll get a monthly newsletter that highlights our regular monthly activities and how to get involved (Social Action Sundays, Serving Dinner at Urban Ministries, Habitat Builds, etc), quarterly activities with Families Moving Forward, annual events such as making and delivering Christmas dinners for Meals on Wheels, Mitzvah Days and MORE! You can also subscribe to our Refugee Resettlement and Immigrant Justice Newsletter HERE
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